04 - 07 December, 2018

Mohamed Soubhi

Staff Engineer- Functional Safety
Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH

1:30 PM Implementation challenges for coexistence of safety and security related applications within an Automotive MCU/SoC

The increasing application of distributed electronic control systems in vehicles continues to revolutionize the automotive industry providing more flexibility and efficiency. However, this comes with several security and safety implications.
• Analyzing key security use-cases such as on-board communication, secure boot, and secure
• Discussing the challenge of addressing combined automotive safety and security use-cases
• Reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of several proposed countermeasures

3:20 PM Parallel Round Table Sessions

A | Traceability and compliance through semiconductor IP lifecycle management
While there is a lot of focus on the verification of semiconductors for ISO 26262 compliance, little is being done to automate traceability &
compliance through the lifecycle of IP. This roundtable will discuss how to automate the traceability & compliance checking throughout the IP lifecycle.
• Associating Requirements to IP and IP Versions (IPV)
• Associating verification and results to IP and IPV
• Automating checking verification results against requirements

B | How to detect and control failures
• Failure Detection Probability
• How to minimize failure in time (FIT)
• How to improve failure rate and reliability

C| Functional safety audits
• How are Functional safety audits planned and conducted in semiconductor companies?
• How much reliance assessors place on the audit findings?
• How to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the functional safety audits to help the project teams, assessors and OEMs etc.?
• How to manage requests from OEMs, and Tier 1s for certification to multiple standards like TS16949, ASPICE, IEC61508 etc.?

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